Welcome to Pick 6 - 2017

Updated January 31, 2018 9:00 CT


Checks have been written and will go in the mail today (Jan 31).  Congrats again to everyone.


Also, I have decided that this is my last year.  I think I've run some version of Pick 5/Pick 6 for 20+ years and it's time for me to be done.  This site will remain up until August, at which time I will not renew the domain.  Good luck to everyone and I appreciate all that have taken the time to participate over the years.  I initially started running this pool for my dad - who has now been gone for almost 14 years.  And though I will miss the memories of him that always arise every year in August when I prepare for the new season, the overall enjoyment of running this pool is diminishing as it takes too much time away from my own family.  If anyone decides to run a similar pool, please keep me in mind as I'm sure I'd enjoy playing.

As always - Go Vikes! 



Congratulations to Jonesy & Shonna Dahl!!


Final Standings

1st/2nd Place (tie) ($481): Jonesy, Shonna Dahl 

3rd Place ($321): Doug Baade

4th/5th Place (tie) ($187): Brendon Anderson, Suds

6th Place($107): Jackie Anderson

7-9th Place (tie) ($71): BAYOLA, Jim Sproat, Bud

10th Place ($53): Curt Koopman

Last Place ($107): Kurt Marthaler 2


Perfect Weeks ($31 each)

Jonesy, Doug Baade, Jackie Anderson, BAYOLA, Craig Marthaler, Big Cheddar, Brent Lashinksi 1, Konsy Wilcox, Wayne 2, Kathy Natvig, Darlene Bushaw, Brent Anderson, Brett Kuchenmeister, DJN, Bailey, Christy Dahl, Jason Olson 1


All checks will be mailed out before Super Bowl Sunday.



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