Welcome to Pick 6 - 2015

Updated January 16, 2016 9:30 CT


Congratulations to Curt Koopman 2 for winning the 2015 Pick 6 pool.  It came down to the last game of the year as he needed the Vikings to win to secure 1st place all alone.  Great job!


***Note that a change has been made for 7-10th Place payouts.  I incorrectly calculated a payout of $98/player, but recently noticed that I forgot to include the payout for last place.  All amounts below are now correct.  Payments will be sent out on Monday, January 18. 


Final Standings

1st Place ($560): Curt Koopman 2

2nd Place ($448): IMO Randy

3rd Place ($336): Rambo

4th Place ($224): Gary Pender

5th Place ($168): The Mayor

6th Place($112): GOO

7-10th Place (tie) ($70): Al Moorhead, Art Forte, BAYOLA, Minniefornia

 Last Place ($112): RamHead


Perfect Weeks ($62 each)

Koopy II, Packer Backer, Suds #2, Brent Lashinski, Cayli & Kate, Melanie Brown, Josh Smart, DJN, Mama "G"


All checks will be mailed out within the next week or so.


Thanks to everyone for playing again this year.  I'm sure I'll be back to run it again next year.  Remember to check back in August 2016!




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